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Our Philosophy

·    Selling is more than just bidding proposals. It is understanding the client’s needs and bringing creative solutions that meet those needs at the right time and for the right price.

·    Successful partnerships do not happen overnight and are built on trust over time that eventually leads to successful business relationships.

·     We do not chase RFPs.  We are the shapers and rainmakers of deals.


About the Firm

Federal Insights, LLC is a sales and marketing consulting firm focused on the federal government and health care industries. We provide consulting, research, and capture support to a diverse group of clients including large privately-held companies, international trade organizations, non-profits, small businesses and health care companies.

Our Team

Kathy Lentz, Founder and President 

·      Over 35 years doing business with  the federal government

·       16 years focused on federal and commercial health

·       2006 captured $500m in new federal business

·       Industry leader in federal and health IT forums

·         Association with various federal government and industry executive consultants:

    ·        Agency leader connections









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